Eating Dangerously

I know there is a book with a similar name – The Year of Eating Dangerously by Tom Parker Bowles. The son of Camilla Parker Bowles, Tom spent a year traveling and eating strange foods in strange lands (like Barbeque in Nashville?). My dangerous is VERY different from Tom’s dangerous. I am bucking the norm, disregarding common knowledge on healthy eating and embracing a low carb high fat diet. Not diet as in calorie restriction, but diet as in what I actually eat. For 2014, I will post at least once a week on information about the LCHF lifestyle, menus and dishes, challenges and struggles so that by the end of the year, I will have a nice compilation of posts on my own LCHF journey.
My weight has yo-yoed over the years. I was anorexic in high school, overweight after I left the military, then lost weight and gained over the next few years, spending some time in the underweight zone again, then becoming ridiculously active, and back to overweight and lost it and gained it, and lost it and gained it and lost it and regained it. Good lord. The why and the how for each of those gains and losses changed everytime, but the consistent issue was emotional eating. Any negative emotions sent me to fast food and candy bars. Three at a time. Over the course of months.
In May 2013, I truly had enough. I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to lose weight – as quickly as possible – but also in a way that I could maintain. I always felt great when I ate Atkins, but my weight loss was never great and certainly not dramatic. Through more research, I realized that a fat fast might be the way to go – focus on a high fat diet (90% fat) for 5 days and then do Atkins. I read more and more and came across people doing the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) and thought I should give it a try. Just by luck I had a cholesterol screening on May 31 and I started LCHF on June 1. I committed to 60 days. This blog will unfold the story of those first sixty days and the ongoing journey in 2014.
I do have a BA in psychology and took as many classes as I could on eating disorders and pschyobiology. I was successful on Weight Watchers and even worked for them for 1 1/2 years. I have tried Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach, cleanses, diet plans, cabbage soup diet, Oprah’s diet journal and Bob’s diet, Biggest Loser, E-diets, etc. More than I can remember. And none of them stuck, obviously. This has been life-changing. LCHF is like Atkins, but instead of carb counting, I just manage my caloric intake so that I get within a range for fat, protein and carbohydrates every day. I am trying to get my body into nutritional ketosis. This year, I am also going to train. Running specifically and use the LCHF diet to increase my athletic performance.

Recommended Reading: Livin’ la vida low carb blog; Good Calories Bad Calories or any articles by Gary Taubes.


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